Work Sample

November 16th, 2009

The Grandview College catalog was in MS Word format when transferred to me. Staff were finding it increasingly difficult to edit the multi-column document and get consistent results; and no wonder, because multiple people had edited it over several years, and no consistent styles were used. To correct the formatting problems I set up a new Word template, reducing over 200 styles down to fewer than 20, reformatted all text to plain text, and then applied the new styles paragraph-by-paragraph. Some minor layout work was also done, to incorporate selected images, the whole document was indexed, and in final layout, run through software to creating both a pdf and html indexed document suitable for the web. Final result can be viewed here:


August 31st, 2009

I provide consulting services, original writing, document layout, document editing, project design, project management, staff management, and marketing strategies. My writing/ editing strengths include document organizing and editing, compiling descriptive summaries from disparate information sources, and document organization and conversion strategies (creating order out of chaos, as it were).